Paying for your air rifle:

Make checks payable to Dennis Quackenbush.

Send check to Dennis Quackenbush  2203 Hwy. AC,  Urbana MO 65767

Please include your mailing address on a separate piece of paper along with your check.  (Some people just send a check with their address on it, but when I cash the check, I no longer have the address.)

NO credit card checks accepted.

Personal checks take 15 business days for clearance. 
Bank money orders, including cashiers checks, take 7 business days. 
Payment via Postal money order can be shipped promptly upon receiving the ownership oath back from you.  (Weekends and holidays are not considered business days by the banks.)

The Post Office does not guarantee overnight delivery (Express mail) to my location.  Express mail sent by you usually gets delivered to me the second day after it was sent.  Sending your payment via first class mail is recommended.  
Please do not send it certified or any other way that requires a signature.  When I am working in the shop I cannot always hear the postal carrier beep their car horn and they will not leave their vehicle to come to the door.

Please do not call me and ask, "Did you get my check yet?"  When I receive your check, I send the ownership ageement, that lets you know that I received your check.  If you really need to know right away, send it with Delivery Confirmation.

Payment in full for your air rifle is required when your rifle is ready.  I do not take payments.  I don't have an accounting department.

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