Counterfeit Quackenbush Airguns


Because used Quackenbush airguns bring more money than what Iím selling them new for, some people are selling other makerís guns as mine, so that they can charge a higher price for their inferior airgun.  Some are copies and some are 2 guns made out of one by using the lower unit of a gun to make a muzzle loader and the take-off barrel & breech on their made up lower unit. 

If you are going to buy a used Quackenbush air rifle here are some guidelines:


Iíve never finished a gun with anything other than hot salt bath blue.

Iíve never made an airgun with a cocking handle coming straight out the side (90
    degrees).  Iíve always made them at an angle.

Iíve never used aluminum parts.

Iíve never used brass as an exterior part.

Iíve never made more than 2 muzzle loading rifles. (Randy Mitchell has one,
    I have the other.)

Iíve never sold a .31, .32, .40, .52, .54 or .58 cal.  air rifle.
All .308, .495 & .458 are 7 groove barrels.

Every gun has a number on it, so if youíre in doubt you can call me & tell me the
    number, so I can look it up.