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 January 5, 2024

I have some shot pistols available. Please call to reserve one.  $550. each plus shipping. 
I have shot shell reloading components available, see below.

Camp & Garden Gun .410 shot pistol

This pistol uses a reloadable brass shell with a plastic .410 wad, filled with lead shot, steel shot, airsoft 6mm, or candy pills (pearls).
A precharge .410 shot pistol with extra brass shells $550. plus shipping

The plastic shot cup wad is available from Winchester & Remington.
As a camp gun, you can use it for rabbit, snakes & squirrels with lead shot, or scare away pesky raccoons with candy pearls shot.
As a garden gun you can get rid of those critters that are tearing up your garden, squirrels, raccoons, snakes & armadillos.  If you use candy pills (pearls), you don't have to worry about an errant lead shot getting into a tomato that you're going to eat.  This is a short range pistol, so the shot won't carry as far as a .410 firearm would.
From left to right: steel BB's, small candy pills, Airsoft 6mm BB's, medium size candy pills.

The gun has a charge of 1/2 ounce of shot.  By the printed tables this is the size & amount of shot:  #4, .13 diameter, 68 pieces.  #6, .11 dia., 112 pcs.  #8, .09 dia., 205 pcs. 
By volume, I count 18 steel BB's.

#5 lead shot at 16 feet                                                                Steel BB's at 24 feet

Large candy pearls at 16 feet                           Medium candy pearls at 16 feet

Shot Shell Loading is Very Easy

Insert the wad, Winchester or Remington brand, into the shell.

Turn the shot shell around and load the shot up to the heighth of the wad.

Press the over-the-shot wad with a dowel that is supplied.

I have shot wads and card wads in packages of 25 for $2.

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.58 cal. (.575) pistol  
This pre-charge pistol shoots a 283 gr. round ball.  Why .575?  Because that's the size of the ball as it comes out of the mold.  This pistol is a breech loader so the ball engages the rifling; no patch is used.
Over 170 foot pounds of energy.  Shoot the pistol 3 times, then top it off with air again.  When I tested this pistol on a 52 degree day, the first shot was approx. 530 fps;  the second was 490 fps;  and the third 440 fps.
It has a 14" barrel and Weaver scope bases for mounting a red dot sight.
Complete w/grip $550. plus shipping.   417-993-5262  9am to 6pm Central time zone.  NO Sunday calls.

For more information on pistols, go to the Outlaw Pistol page.

The complete pistol is at the top; without the grip is at the bottom of the photo, as a comparison.

 Paul Shotgun
I was making these parts to have Paul Shotguns.  Other than a burst disk, the Paul has one of the most efficient valves, because the valve is in the middle of the air reservoir, not at the end where turbulence would be created by the end of the tube.  While working on this project, I made a big bore air gun, which developed into the Outlaw series.  My time was consumed, and I never got back to this project and I know I never will, so I'm selling it.

This is a cut-away, so it can be seen how it operates.

All the parts in these pictures, plus the part sketches, as one lot, for $1800. plus shipping.  Or pick it up from me at an air gun show.