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Miscellaneous items

CO2 bulk-fill
 Tank adaptor, refill Crosman 10-oz. bottle


Whip hose
 Fill guns directly when used with tank adaptor

sold out

Whip hose with union


 Fill paintball bottle from tank


Thread extension
 For Crosman 10-oz. tank. Saves existing thread & is a
 repair for damaged threads

3000 psi pin valves
 The real thing, marked with an "H" (for high pressure) coined
 into the stem end


I also make antique airgun flat and "V" springs. Electric furnace-treated and tempered.
Special steel with high modulus of elasticity, low bending stress, great moment of torque. Translation - better snap.

Additionally, I make new springs, valves, valve levers and lock screws for Liege Lock and Girandoni types of rifles.