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Outlaw Pistol 
To keep the price low, I used the Crosman grip.  The pistol is constructed to be a pre-charge pistol and is not a conversion of any other pistol.



.25 cal. has a 14" barrel, is capable of shooting a 27gr. pellet at 1000fps. for 3 shots.  In order to get more shots per fill, I'm tuning the gun to approximately 900fps.  A 27gr. pellet at 850fps is more powerful than the .25 cal. spring rifles currently on the market.
Performance with 27 gr. rampoint pellets:
#777 has a 10" reservoir tube;  #785 has a 12" tube;  both have 14" long barrels.
   Pistol #777           Pistol #785
     938 f.p.s.              890 f.p.s.
     951                       940
     924                       936
     930                       954
     889                       906

.308 cal. has a 14" barrel, can be used with pistol grips or the carbine butt stock.  The pistols can be tuned for more power or less power than shown here.
  Pistol #960 115gr.      #960 76gr.     Pistol #961 115gr.     #961 76gr.
    658 f.p.s.                     774 f.p.s.       612                           707
    643                              746               581                           694
    611                              716               577                           667
    500                              694               548                           639      

With pistol grip $500. 

9mm has a 12" barrel and I've tuned this pistol for 3 shots that are consistently at the 600-575 fps level, with a 125gr. bullet.  After the 3 shots there's still more left in the gun, but the velocity is going to drop and those shots will start to hit lower and lower.
Performance with 125 gr. lead bullet:
Both pistols have 12" barrels and 10" reservoir tubes.
   Pistol #608           Pistol  #641
     594 fps                  615 fps
     604                        604
     575                        577
     544                        537
This is the performance of the guns as they were first tested.  As the parts wear in the velocity will increase some and will have less variance.
Although there is more air left after the fourth shot, the velocity drop makes the pistol not usable for hunting.  So at that stage, just top the gun back off and stay in that power range.

9mm with walnut grips; grips available separately from RB Grips

.45 cal. has a 10" barrel and is intended to be used with the cast lead .45ACP bullets.  16 1/2" overall and weighs 3 lbs. 12oz.  The grip frame looks familiar because it's a Crosman 2240 grip frame.  Everything above the grip is new made for a pre-charge pistol.  I intended this pistol to be a 100 ft. lb. can blaster.  It will shoot a 200gr., 45 cal. lead semi-wadcutter bullet at 480 to 520fps, for 3 shots, which is slightly over 100 ft. lbs.
Currently the barrels are 14" long.

.451 with walnut grips; grips available separately from RB grips


Shown with Crosman 1399 butt stock, making it a stocked pistol.  Stock available separately from Crosman.