Used Big Bore Airguns For Sale

This listing is for any make of big bore airgun over .25 cal.  Placement here is not my endorsement for either the seller or the gun.

Sellers: how to list a gun 
You're not being charged for this, so make it easy on me & follow the directions.
Email your ad to bigbores4sale at yahoo.com
Your ad should contain make, model, caliber, condition, price and a telephone number where they can contact you.  You should be able to do this concisely in under 25 words.
Also, be ready to be able to send pictures of the gun to perspective customers.
I hope both you the seller and the buyer to be well satisfied with the sale.

June 15, 2008

I am selling this one of a kind creation by Gary Barnes. It is a 100 fpe, 32 caliber pcp air rifle. It was hand made by Gary a few years ago as the prototype to the very popular Delta series. It is a beautiful piece of blond wood with dimples. It is in very good shape and a blast to shoot. If you dream of owning a Barnes Pneumatic this is the only way to buy one since he is no longer taking orders.  $3500/firm. Serious inquiries only please. jim@hardcorebigbore.com  Photos @ www.hardcorebigbore.com

June 16, 2008

E. London tap loading .40 cal. rifle circa 1825.  Leather covered butt, engraved, Damascus barrel, complete original.  530-887-0818

Gifford 8mm tap loading rifle, complete, some minor repairs and weak hammer spring, gold inlay "St. Etiene" on barrel.  $1900. or trade. 530-887-0818

Bossler (type) air cane, .38 cal. circa 1725, leather covered butt, engraved and crested Liege-lock, long wood shrouded screw off bronze cane barrel, silver sights and spiraled trigger.  Restored and functional (new spring & toggle) with working pump.  $4500. or trade  530-887-0818

Aug. 9, 2008

Barnes 45 caliber, big beautiful gun $7000.
Barnes .32 cal., nice gun $5000.
Both as new.
Pictures to interested parties.